Camping refurbished

A camping satellite system is a mobile satellite system that you can easily transport. In this case, the satellite dish is smaller than a conventional dish with a maximum size of 40 cm. Therefore, it fits easily in a caravan and can be installed on site. This dish can also be used where the use of larger dishes is prohibited or restricted.
The components of a camping satellite system can be purchased as a set, in a case, or individually.

In this section of our website you will find camping satellite systems or camping satellite dishes that have been returned by our customers for one reason or another, or that are display items with minor signs of use on the unit or packaging.

We assure you that all the items you will find in this section of our online shop have been thoroughly checked, tested, improved and, if necessary, cleaned by our technicians and repackaged with the necessary accessories (remote controls, required cables, power supplies, batteries, etc.).

We pay great attention to the products in this category and want you not only to get the best price, but also to enjoy our products every day.

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