Multiswitch SAT Fuba MSP 408 Cascadable 5/8 up to 8 participants

  • FUBA Cascadable Multiswitch MSP 408
  • HDTV - DVB-S2 - DIGITAL compatible
  • For up to 8 receivers
  • Without power supply
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The new Fuba multi-switches MSP 408 a sensible contribution to energy saving. The new MSP 408 multi-switch is a cascadable active multi-switch system which distributes the four satellite signal trunks of a quattro LNB to eight participants. With them, large satellite IF distribution systems can be set up without any problems.

No mains connection is required at the installation site of the multiswitch system; the power supply, including the terrestrial, is provided by the LNB power supply of the satellite receivers. This means that the multi-switch system is operated in a very energy-saving way, because the current is only drawn when the satellite receiver is switched on.

The multi-switches take the four cables of a quattro LNB and distribute them to eight participants. The MSP 408 multi-switch is used for simple distribution to eight participants or as an end cascade after one.

Cascadable multiswitch with 4 inputs and 8 subscriber outputs as an end cascade (terminal). MSP 408 Multiswitch 4 in 8, without power supply unit
With 4 trunks for setting up large satellite IF distribution systems with up to 8 subscribers on one trunk
energy-saving power supply via the satellite receivers, no permanent power consumption by LNB

Technical data:

  • The MSP 408 multi-switch works exclusively with Quattro LNBs.
  • Suitable for DIGITAL DVB-S / DVB-S2
  • Frequency range: 950...2250 MHz
  • Inputs/outputs: 4 / 8
  • Connections: F-socket
  • Attenuation adjustable: no
  • decoupling satellite: -1.5...+1.5 dB
  • Return loss: > 10 dB
  • Output level max.: 98 dBµV
  • Current consumption receiver: 33 mA
  • Power supply: Receiver
  • LNB power supply: max. 250 mA
  • Errors and technical modifications excepted

Dimension multi-switch:

  • approx. 140 x 75 x 20 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Holes for wall mounting available

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x MSP 408 multi-switch

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Multiswitch SAT Fuba MSP 408 Cascadable 5/8 up to 8 participants

Item currently out of stock
  • Currently out of stock

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