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IPTV Refurbished

IPTV - Internet Protocol Television. Smart TV or Smart iptv as...

SAT DVB-S/S2 Refurbished

A satellite receiver for HDTV is a satellite communication...

Cable DVB-C/C2 refurbished

Digital Video Broadcasting - Cable is a European digital...

Hybrid Receiver refurbished

A hybrid receiver is a device that contains different types of...

Terrestrial Receiver DVB-T/T2 refurbished

In order for the signals received from the antenna to reach the...

Receiver Accessories refurbished

In this section of our online shop you will find all spare parts...

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The TV receiver is one of the most important components of a home cinema system. It is used to decode digital multi-channel signals, amplify the sound and switch the signals from the source to the playback device.
Each set-top box adds several new functions to your TV set.

In this section of our online shop you will find various types of set-top boxes that have been returned to us by customers for various reasons or that are display items with minor signs of use on the set or packaging.
Choose the right set-top box for your application - terrestrial (DVB-T/T2), cable (DVB-C/C2), satellite (DVB-S/S2) or smart IPTV.

We assure you that all the items you will find in this section of our online shop have been thoroughly checked, tested, improved and, if necessary, cleaned by our technicians and repackaged with the necessary accessories (remote controls, required cables, power supplies, batteries, etc.).

We pay close attention to the products in this category and want you not only to get the best price, but also to enjoy our products every day.

Find what you need at an attractive price and be sure you are buying a good, usable product.