Acoustic Cables / Speaker Cables

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To connect audio equipment, you always need a conductor. In our case, or in any other case, it is an acoustic cable, commonly known as a speaker cable.

These cables can be used to connect car speakers, amplifiers, musical instruments and other audio devices. These cables are also known as speaker cables.

When choosing an acoustic cable, it is very important to look for two things:

  1. Conductor material
  2. Cross-sectional area.

If you want to run high-quality speaker cables over long distances, the larger the cable cross-section, the cooler the cable and the better the sound quality. If the distances are short, you should not spend too much money on wide cables.

In our category you will find cables that are suitable for cutting or laying over long distances. They are all made on a spool. They don't have plugs, but you can buy them and make your own cable with the right plug.

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