Coaxial cable

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It is impossible to imagine today's world without the coaxial cable.

Thanks to its durability and simple installation, it really is used everywhere and is indispensable for the transmission of digital signals between different devices.

Due to its widespread use, it is of course manufactured in almost every country. Which manufacturer is the better one, which digital coaxial cord has the better quality and which price order is optimal with such a large offer on the market is difficult to determine. In this category of our online shop, we offer you coaxial cables on spools or rolled from the manufacturers who, in our opinion, offer the best combination of quality and price.

Here you will find coax cable in various sizes, colours, shielding and insulation.

We have been producing coaxial cables under our own brand since 2013. We have come a long way in this direction ourselves, dealing with all the intricacies of production and the needs of our customers.

When you buy hb-digital brand coaxial cables directly from our online shop, you are guaranteed a quality product at an attractive price.

To connect a coaxial cable, or to extend coaxial cables, you need different cable lengths as well as the necessary tools and accessories for installation, assembly and connection.

We offer a wide range of different sizes as well as all the necessary tools to assemble coaxial cable connectors, process TV cables quickly and cleanly, strip coaxial cable insulation and so on and so forth. Our staff in the workshop carefully prepare the cable in the length you need, carefully pack it and deliver it to you in perfect condition.

The coaxial cable is the heart of every antenna cable and satellite cable. In the "Antenna Cable" or "SAT Cable" categories of our online shop, you can purchase cables in any length with the matching connectors, depending on the TV format you want (DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2/SX).

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