Network cable

Network Cable / Installation Cable
Network Cable / Installation Cable

Introduction to network cables Introduction to network cables...

Patch cable RJ45 / LAN cable
Patch cable RJ45 / LAN cable

Patch cables are an important part of setting up a local...

Network tools and accessories
Network tools and accessories

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Twisted pair is a type of communication cable. It is one or more pairs of insulated conductors twisted together (with a small number of turns per unit length) and covered with a plastic jacket.
The network cable is an important part of the local network. Depending on the cable category, the transmission speed varies.

This section introduces modern lan cables such as CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a, CAT 7, CAT 7a and CAT 8.1 with different types of insulation and construction.
You can easily find the right product for you.

Choose the right network cable to power, expand or multiply your network.
It is suitable for office buildings, apartment buildings or private homes, but also for gyms and many other businesses that want to build their own network.

You will find all the tools you need for installation and testing in the corresponding category.

If you have any questions, our technicians are always happy to help you with the product or its application.