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The most important prerequisite for a communication system is structured cabling, which cannot be realised without network sockets.

A LAN socket, or CAT socket, or Internet socket is an element of a structured cabling system that allows devices to be connected to local computer networks.

The RJ45 socket is a standard socket for the Internet and is used to connect network devices. It consists of a plug for connecting a cable. The RJ45 socket usually contains one plug, but there can be up to four. Sockets are used to connect the jack to a patch panel or to connect a computer.

Units with one or two sockets are most commonly used for home networks. For units with two sockets, the first socket is connected to the data cable to the computer and the second socket is connected to the patch panel.
The data cable (laying cable), the so-called twisted pair cable, is simply inserted with one contact into the module provided. The information is fed into the network via the other twisted pair cable.

If your home device has an Ethernet connection, it is advisable to connect it to the computer network via a cable, even if Wi-Fi is available. This is especially important if you have a lot of devices in your home and a lot of traffic passes through them. In this case, an internet socket helps to take the strain off the network, as even the most powerful WI-FI router will not be able to supply all devices with sufficient speed. In addition, internet sockets can be used to connect Wi-Fi access points if required.
For this reason, it is advisable to install network sockets in the following locations:

  • behind small televisions - at least one internet socket with two sockets;
  • behind large televisions - at least two Internet outlets;
  • Near a network printer;
  • At the workstation.

A sufficient number of network sockets will make your life easier and ensure that you can make the best use of your equipment.

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