DiSEqC Switch

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The abbreviation DiSEqC stands for "Digital Satellite Equipment Control" and is a
special communication protocol for the exchange of data between the satellite receiver and other equipment such as switches, polarisers, positioners, etc. The coaxial cable is used for signal transmission. The communication mode via cable is one-way or two-way, with an option for power supply.

In satellite television, the signal is received from one of the satellites. This signal is received by the converter and transmitted from there to the satellite receiver. If, for some reason, the user wants to receive a high-quality signal from several satellites, he must use a separate converter for each of them. However, only one of them can be connected to the receiver at the same time.

DiSEqC mode is a switch that is connected between the converter and the receiver. It connects the converter to the desired satellite in order to view its programmes.

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