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Network plugs are one of the most important links to connect the cable to the necessary hardware for setting up a local network, for Internet access, etc.. It is simply an indispensable product for network cable installation.
Throughout the LAN era, different types of cables and connectors have emerged. This was due to the ever changing requirements. Some of them have long since fallen into oblivion and are no longer used, others have only recently come into use and are just being applied. Thanks to newer and more modern equipment, the speed of data transmission has increased, which is a definite advantage in today's world.

LAN plugs are used to connect cable products to various telecommunication and computer devices, which are manufactured according to a standard called RJ (Registered Jack).
With the passage of time and a great leap in the development of modern technology, there is a great variety of devices, so it was necessary to create a universal connection suitable for all devices. Therefore, connectors were invented that work on the basis of conductive contacts and can transmit pulses simultaneously via several channels. They are quite simple in design, therefore quite inexpensive and widely used. At the same time, the practical and simple design of RJ connectors has made it possible to manufacture them cheaply and use them everywhere. This has been key to the popularity of the RJ interface.
RJ45 connectors can be either shielded or unshielded. Shielded connectors have a special shield of thin metal that protects against various types of interference. These products are referred to as STP and UTP. However, shielded connectors should not be placed everywhere you need them - that is wrong. They are only used when all components are earthed and protected in the same way.

CAT 7 connector is a connector that is most in demand. But note that in this section of our online shop you will find hb-digital network plugs for all Ethernet cable types.

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