Earthing cable H07V-K

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The H07V-K earthing cable is a special type of electrical cable used for earthing electrical systems and equipment. Here is some information about it:

  • Intended use:
    The H07V-K earthing cable is mainly used for earthing electrical systems and equipment. Earthing is used to safely dissipate electrical voltage to ensure the safety of people and property.
  • Structure:
    Earthing cable H07V-K consists of copper conductors insulated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It can have one or more cores, depending on the specific requirements. The outer sheath is also made of PVC.
  • Specifications:
    The H07V-K earthing cable complies with the applicable standards and regulations for earthing systems and electrical safety.
  • Application:
    The earthing cable is used to safely earth electrical installations and equipment. Earthing helps to dissipate static electricity and protects against electrical shocks and electrical surges. It is an important part of the electrical safety system.
  • Properties:
    Earthing cable H07V-K usually very flexible, which makes installation easier. It is available in different cross-sections and colours to meet specific requirements.

Using the correct earthing cable is crucial for the safety of electrical systems and equipment. It ensures that excess electrical energy is safely dissipated and electrical interference is avoided. When using earth cables, observe local regulations and standards to ensure that they are properly installed.

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