Network Cable / Installation Cable

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This section introduces modern installation cables such as CAT.5e, CAT.6, CAT.6a, CAT.7, CAT.7a and CAT.8 with different types of insulation and construction. The network cable is an important part of the local network. Depending on the cable category, the transmission speed varies. Twisted pair is a type of data cable. It is one or more pairs of insulated conductors twisted together (with a small number of turns per unit length) and covered with a plastic jacket.

Our experts have very carefully selected a list of networking products so that every customer can find something suitable and for their needs. We offer a wide range of LAN cables with different specifications. Even the data cables with the lowest specifications meet the highest quality standards!

We produce Ethernet cables in the best factories with high quality equipment! And large warehouse space in the centre of Düsseldorf allows us to deliver quickly throughout Europe! On our website you can find the network cable in different types: in different colours, on different spools (wooden or plastic), in different practical packaging!

The detailed product description will help you to better understand the technical specifications of each LAN cable and to make the right choice.

Very soon all our customers will get a novelty from hb-digital: Soon you will be able to order the network cables in individual sizes! We cut and process the LAN cable especially and individually for you! Visit our website and follow the updates!

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