Solar cables

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Solar cables are sometimes called PV cables or photovoltaic cables, which stands for photovoltaic wire. It is a special type of single core cable used to connect two or more photovoltaic modules in a solar system. These systems are designed to harness solar energy and convert it into electricity (solar power).

This energy is generated by one or more solar panels, and the solar cable is used to transmit this electricity from the panels back to the solar-powered equipment or to an energy storage device (battery) connected via the photovoltaic cable.

The photovoltaic cable we offer in our online shop certainly meets the most important requirements:

  • the cross-section is sufficient to ensure minimal power and voltage losses when current from a number of solar cells flows through it. The current intensity is determined by the number of panels and their connection type;
  • resistant to weather conditions - UV radiation, precipitation, temperature fluctuations;
  • has a service life comparable to that of the equipment used.

In our online shop, customers can purchase solar cables in various lengths, colours and thicknesses. We also offer the option of buying PV cables with or without plugs.

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