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With the invention of the telegraph and the telephone in the mid-19th century, the development of wired communication began. And almost 100 years later, in the middle of the 20th century, a transcontinental fixed network was established, connecting the two hemispheres of the earth. During this time, not only have telephone sets improved, but so has the design of the telephone cable that carries the electrical signal.

Telephone cables or, as they are often called today, low-current cables, telecommunication cables or telecommunication cables, are manufactured for the construction of telephone networks. Our customers mainly use this type of cable for telephone systems, intercom systems or video surveillance.

In this section of our online shop you will find a wide range of J-Y(ST)Y type telephone cables that you need. All of the telephone cable / telecommunication cable / low current cable we offer are extremely weatherproof and flexible and guarantee interference-free reception.

A telephone cable is a cable consisting of copper wires and stranded pairs of wires separated by insulation. They are twisted with a cotton thread or a special adhesive tape so that they overlap each other. The entire structure is covered with an insulating jacket. The insulation is an important part of the conductor that gives the wire or cable certain properties.
Please remember that telephone cables must not be laid under high currents!

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