Network Cable Connectors

Keystone Module

A patch panel, Keystone module, is an integral part of a...

RJ45 plug / network plug

Network plugs are one of the most important links to...

Network cable connector LSA

Whether you want to connect 2 network cables together without...

Network sockets

The most important prerequisite for a communication system is...

LAN Cable Connector / LAN Splitter

Whether you want to connect two LAN cables together, allow two...

Even if you work at home or in a very small business, you can't do without a computer network these days. And even more so if it is a large office! Even if you only have a few computers and a server, you can't do without laying cables, especially since WiFi and wireless solutions also have their disadvantages. You need to be aware that radio waves are very fickle and sometimes work worse, sometimes better in certain areas of your office, house or flat.

If it is a large multi-storey house, the problem becomes even greater. Walls, mirrors, steel beams and bars - all of these will severely affect the signal. For mobile phones and smartphones, this may be acceptable. But, for example, to connect the same TV or desktop computer - can be critical.

In this section of our online shop you will find almost everything you need to set up a local area network (LAN), to lay and connect network cables in your home or office. We offer a wide range of network connectors.

Network outlets, also known as LAN outlets or data outlets, Keystone modules, network cable connectors (practically all network connector types of the network connector RJ45 series) and network cable connectors LSA or patch cable connectors (RJ45 splitters) - you will find everything you need! You can buy any product at a very attractive price and we will send it to you the same day!

We have photographed and described the products in as much detail as possible so you can choose exactly what you need.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and our specialists will help you.

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