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Solar Panel

Until a few years ago, installing a solar panel on the roof of a...

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Solar cables

Solar cables are sometimes called PV cables or photovoltaic...

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The world is in the process of replacing fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.) in favour of renewable energy sources. And today, especially in Europe, the process is even faster. The most important source of renewable energy is solar energy, and more and more private and commercial users are turning to it.
While solar systems used to be used mainly in industry and large companies, today they are literally finding their way into every house and even the smallest flat.

Today, no power plant (whether in large industry or in small homes) that converts the energy of sunlight into electricity can do without a series of solar cables that integrate all the equipment needed for this task.
Solar cables are sometimes also called PV cables or photovoltaic cables, which stands for photovoltaic wire. It is a special type of single-core cable used to connect two or more photovoltaic modules in a solar system. These systems are designed to harness the sun's energy and convert it into electricity (solar energy).

This energy is generated by one or more solar modules, and the solar cable is used to transmit this electricity from the module back to the solar-powered equipment or to the energy storage device (accumulator) connected via the PV cable.

The photovoltaic cable we offer in our online shop certainly meets the most important requirements:

  • the cross-section is sufficient to ensure minimal power and voltage losses when the current from the solar cell array is passed through it. The current strength is determined by the number of panels and the way they are connected;
  • is resistant to weather conditions - UV radiation, precipitation, temperature fluctuations;
  • has a lifespan comparable to that of the equipment used.

Until a few years ago, installing a solar panel on the roof of one's house or on the balcony of one's flat was a rare phenomenon. Rather, it was more progressive citizens who were concerned about the environment and more responsible energy consumption. Today, the motivation has clearly changed. Solar modules or solar photovoltaics are already a must-have given the current prices. It is a great investment to increase the value of your property and a huge saving in your daily life.
Remember that installing a solar panel solves several problems at once: you become an energy-conscious citizen, you save a lot of money and you are on top of the times and the latest technology.

The topic of solar installations is more topical today than ever before and concerns almost everyone.
The balcony power plants and photovoltaic solar modules topic is not entirely new, but it has only now reached Europeans on a large scale. So there are still a lot of questions:

  • If I live in a flat, can I install balcony power plants on my balcony?
  • What is the best way to install solar power on the roof of your house or on your own balcony?
  • Which cable should I choose for a solar panel?
  • Which solar cable is the right one and how thick should the solar cable be?
  • Which plug should I use?

To help people from all over Europe overcome these problems and to make it easier to choose the products on offer, our experts have put together some of the best basic products. We will expand our product range in the future, but what you can order today will help you optimise your energy costs and save electricity.

We guarantee the quality of our solar cables and PV modules.

We will send you the solar cable the same working day after your order. And you can collect the photovoltaic modules yourself from our warehouse in Düsseldorf. If you would like to buy several solar systems from us, we will help you organise a careful delivery. Contact us and we will discuss the details.