Aerial Sockets

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"Antenna sockets - are they all the same or is there a difference?"

How often do you ask yourself this question when choosing this product group?

It is important to know that there are differences and it is important to take these into account when installing your connection.
Antenna sockets are divided into two types: junction boxes (incorrectly always referred to as end boxes) and through boxes.

What are the differences, as they are externally identical?

The spur socket - single socket
The way these sockets work is that each of the connections is individual and therefore has only one end user. The way such sockets are connected (satellite dish multi-switch user) is called a "star".

Through socket
These sockets are designed to be connected in series across a single conductor, with the signal attenuated at each additional conductor. At the end of the switching system, it is always advisable to install a so-called termination box. The "tree trunk" or "series connection" method

Terminating box - end box
Is always installed at the end of a circuit. It is essentially identical to the through socket, but has a resistor that is either already installed or can be purchased separately and installed in a through socket.

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