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In this section of our online shop, our customers can purchase a variety of plugs and distributors for Solar cable Connection, solar modules! We have taken great care in selecting products in this category, as we believe that the quality of the solar connectors and distributors is just as important for the proper operation of an autonomous energy system as the excellent condition of the solar modules themselves and the reliability of the solar cables.

A special solar cable, often referred to as a PV cable, is used to connect the solar panels into a single system and connect them to the charge controller. The solar cable is double jacketed to protect the wiring from the aggressive environment. Since exposed wiring in solar systems is subject to high UV exposure, the outer insulating layer of the cables has increased resistance to UV radiation and heat.

Solar connector is the standard connector used to switch individual solar power plant units.
Type T connector provides a stronger connection and has a protection index of IP 67 (highest tightness against dust and humidity).

Type Y connectors are used for parallel connection of several solar modules to the charge controller and make the connection more flexible.

With the connectors, you can easily connect additional solar modules to an existing system without having to solder the wires. Alternatively, you can simplify and reduce the cost of the new system by integrating similar connectors into the design of the system. Thanks to their enclosed design, the splitters are suitable for safe outdoor use.

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