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F-connectors are coaxial RF connectors. They are used to connect all components of satellite systems that do not require soldering. Such connectors have different diameters and a different number of grooves on their surface. The diameter of the F connector (or plug) must match the diameter of the cable.

RG-6 compression connector F, brass is designed for professional connection of coaxial cables with an impedance of 50 and 75 ohms to TV and video equipment, receivers, TV sets, all types of video equipment, etc.

This section introduces the F-type and IEC-type connectors.

F connectors are intended for connecting cable and satellite equipment with F connectors: e.g. satellite receiver DVB-S/S2/SX, LNB, router, multi-switch.

IEC are intended for both cable and terrestrial receivers with an IEC connection: e.g. for terrestrial DVB-T/?2 receivers or cable DVB-C receivers.