Solar Panel

Until a few years ago, installing a solar panel on the roof of a house or on the balcony of a flat was a rare phenomenon. Most likely, buying a solar panel was the prerogative of progressive citizens who were committed to the environment and more responsible energy consumption. Today, the motivation has clearly changed. Solar panels or photovoltaic solar panels are already an essential consumer good at current prices. It is a great investment to increase the value of your property and a huge saving in your daily life.
Remember, installing a solar panel solves several problems at once: you become an energy-conscious citizen, save a lot of money and are on the cutting edge of technology.

In this section of our online shop, hb-digital customers can buy solar panels of different sizes and parameters (solar panel 370W, 400W, 410W). We have selected some of the best basic products for you. We will expand our product range in the future, but what you can order today will help you optimise your energy costs and save energy.

Please note that you will need to collect the photovoltaic panels yourself from our warehouse in Düsseldorf. However, if you would like to buy many solar panels at once, please contact us and our specialists will help you with the delivery.

You can also find solar cables (cables for solar systems of the category H1Z2Z2-K), solar plugs (MC4 plugs) and various tools in our online shop in the corresponding sections.

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