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Products of the manufacturer Fuba for home network and TV reception.

For over 60 years, the Fuba brand has stood for innovative technology and the highest manufacturing quality in reception and network technology. There are "Fuba" antennas on around 500,000 roofs, providing millions of people with excellent reception and thus connecting them to the world and the media.

When developing new products and solutions, Fuba attaches great importance to the fact that they can be integrated into existing networks. One example is Powerline adapters, which turn the power line into a powerful data line, and Webfiiber adapters and switches, which bring gigantic-fast Internet to every room via fiber optic cables. With Fuba products, powerful and stable networks can be realised, whether with fibre optic cables, coaxial cables, twisted pair cables or via the existing power line. Fuba is not only committed to tradition, but is also open to new technologies. However, this only applies if they are user-friendly, of high quality and future-proof.